Reunion 1999
"Pride In Perfection"

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Hi Don, Glad to see that the web page is back up and running with a green board. Wanted to report that we held the reunion on July 9-11 in Silverdale Wa. What a great time. We had 27 of the old crew show up. For those that could not make it, you missed a wonderful time of sea stories, life stories, great fellowship, and even a card game. Those that know Mitch Whisman realize that we could not have a get together without giving him a chance to take our money! A lot of you came up to me and thanked me for putting this thing together. I cannot and will not take the credit. It was a group accomplishment. John Harness came up with the idea and even made a trip to Bremerton to scope out the hotels. Mitch Whisman scoured the internet looking for old shipmates and was great at organizing the information tree. Tom Pike opened his home to all of us on Saturday for a great picnic and cookout. And the list goes on.

Don, next year is the 100th anniversary of the US Sub force. I am told that there will be lots of reunions. What do you think of a Puffer reunion for any and all Puffer alumnus? We talked about having one next year and possibily at Lake Tahoe or any other location that would be easy for folks to access. Let me know what you think. I would also like to send you a bunch of photos of the reunion for possible posting on the page. Here is one of the group. Thanks for all of your help in facilitating the process. We could not have found each other if not for you and the web. I am indebted to you for life.


James E. Cannici Asst. Chief, Admin & Technology Sent from Home Office

Reunion 1999 photos
courtesy of Gary Groover