The War Patrol Report



            (Period from Sep. 7, 1943, to Oct. 24, 1943)



Arrived Brisbane, Australia, from Panama, C.Z. August 21, 1943. Refit by U.S.S.

FULTON completed on August 28, 1943 Ship was drydocked August 23-24 to repair silver solder fitting in #2 air bank located in #2D M.B.T. August 28-30 conducted sound tests and training exercises as follows: Made two night and eight day approaches on HMS STUART and PC 476, made deep dive to test for leaks. Conducted special depth charge attack and evasion exercises with HMS STUART, and aircraft attack exercises with planes from RA. Returned to pilot vessel Moreton Bay and picked up Mr. F. Adams, Torres Straits Pilot. Departed Moreton Bay at 235 August 30, 1943, and arrived Darwin, Australia, 1600I, September 6, 1943, via Grafton Passage and Torres Straits. Pilot disembarked at Thursday Island.




7 September

0745I Underway for Patrol Area in accordance with CamTasi For 71 OpOrd 27-43 of Sep.2,1943.

1145I-1245I Conducted familiarization exercises with RAAF plane.


8 September

0435I (Ship Contact No.1) In Lat.8-57S Long.127-55E radar reported target     bearing 302°T range 3700 yards. Changed course to 060°T and commenced     tracking determined course to be 145°T, speed 15 la1ots. Target sighted by O.O.D. and identified as a sub. Sound reported two sets of screws on about       the same bearing which fast merged into the same bearing.

0447I Changed course to 160°T at flank speed. Radar lost target at 7100 yards.

0520I Radar regained contact at 6900 yards. Slowed to 14 knots to continue    tracking.

0522I Went ahead flank speed and commenced end around but abandoned chase when      dawn commenced breaking and it was realized position ahead of sub. could     not be attained until after sunrise and sub would in all probability then   be submerged. Changed course to 325°T.

0532I Changed course to 060°T and were just steady on course when radar reported

      target 700 yards bearing 170 relative at the same time after lookout

      reported dark shape on same bearing. Almost immediately, both the after       lookout and radar lost target. It is believed this second target was a    submarine which broached after we had passed directly over him. Neither of     the contacts could be positively identified as either friendly or enemy.

0559I Submerged. Decided we would be reported and had better chance of passing       undetected through the Barrier via Sermata Passage.

1504I Surfaced.




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Copyright 1999 Rand McNally & Company










   (Period from Sep.7,1943, to Oct.24,1943.)


2350I Entered Banda Sea through passage between Sermata and Leti Islands.


9 September

0534I Submerged.

1110I Surfaced. Proceeding toward Ambon Island patrolling Koepang Ambon traffic route.


10 September

0536I Submerged. Conducting submerged patrol on approaches to Ambon Bay.

1415I (Ship Contact No.2) In Lat.04-08S Long. 127-39E sighted vessel bearing 343°T. Closed and identified as a small patrol vessel. Evaded.

1928I Surfaced.


11 September

0530I Submerged patrolling approaches to Ambon.

1031I (Plane Contact No.1) Sighted a "DAVE" on northerly course from Ambon passing well clear.

1927I Surfaced.


12 September

0527I  Submerged, patrolling approaches to Ambon Bay.

0940I (Plane Contact No.2) Sighted transport plane on westerly course from Ambon, well clear.

1014I (Plane Contact No.3) Sighted three bombers "NELLS" coming in for landing on Ambon. Sighted two sampans during afternoon.

1929I Surfaced.


13 September

0527I Submerged patrolling approaches to Ambon Bay.

0616I(Ship Contact No.3) Sighted small steamer(500 tons) on course 275° speed 7 knots proceeding to Ambon. Evaded. Sighted several fishing sampans during after- noon. Evaded.

1926I Surfaced.

2323I (Plane Contact No.4) Lookout sighted flashing white light at 8° elevation bearing 300°T.

2330I Series of flashing red lights sighted at 7° elevation bearing 190° relative. Manned SD radar for 5 seconds every 2 minutes.

2339I SD radar reported target at six miles closing. Submerged.


14 September

0123I Surfaced. Patrolling route from Ambon to Sorong Islands.

0552I Submerged. 18151 Surfaced.

2021I Reversed course to continue patrol off Ambon in accordance with ConTaskFor 71 orders to continue patrol in this area for five more days.







(Period from September 7,1943, to October 24,1943)


2118I {Ship Contact No.4) Sighted smoke bearing 330°T distant 18,000 yards. Commenced tracking and determined target base course to be 275 speed 9 knots.

2138I Commenced end around at flank speed.


15 September

0120I Gained position ahead of target. Reversed course and commenced approach.

Dove. No radar contact at 8000 yards. Brilliant moonlight so went to periscope depth.

0200I Target identified as small (1000 ton) steamer with what appeared to be a small tow behind or possibly a MTB. Sound could hear only one set of screws. Broke off attack.

0318I Surfaced.

0536I Submerged. Patrolling Ambon Sorong Island route.

1905I Surfaced.


16 September

0530I Submerged. Patrolling off Ambon entrance.

1444I (Ship Contact No.5) Sighted what appeared to be a medium freighter coming out of fog over Ambon entrance bearing 032°T range 4500 yards. Commenced approach.

1504I Target identified as camouflaged tug on course 195°T speed 7 knots. Broke off attack.

1530I Tug began smoking profusely and steadily indicating an attempt to draw any sub. in the area to him. Figured our chance was about to come if we covered the Western approaches. This was further indicated by the fact that coverage of Southern and Eastern approaches had yielded nothing.

1604I (Plane Contact No.5) Sighted "NELL" type plane over Ambon.

1912I Surfaced and set a Westerly course.


17 September

0050I {Ship Contact No.6) Sighted darkened ship bearing 060°T sharp angle on bow range 8000 yards. Commenced tracking.

0100I Ship was closing rapidly -brilliant moonlight. O.O.D. and quartermaster identified ship as sub. Submerged to commence approach.

0105I Sound lost contact. Never sighted in periscope Believed that submarine had submerged. Later events indicate that contact was small escort vessel proceeding to rendezvous with convoy.

0227I (Ship Contacts No.7 & 8) In sweeping horizon with No.1 periscope prior to surfacing, sighted an estimated 7500 ton naval auxiliary and 5000 ton freighter bearing 038° and 043° relative, respectively, estimated range 5000 yards.






(Period from Sep. 7,1943, to October 24, 1943)


Commenced approach. No escort visible at this time. Ships were zigzagging independently and radically every few minutes. Bright moonlight precluded exposing radar for accurate range. Sound reported one set of very heavy screws and another set of somewhat lighter screws -both slow. Base course

determined to be 042°T.

0240-12I Commenced firing first salvo of three torpedoes from bow tubes ten second interval at naval auxiliary on 95° port track estimated range 1600 yards, torpedo run 1750 yards, three degree divergent spread.

0240-45I Shifted to second target for set up.

0242I Commenced firing second salvo of three torpedoes from bow tubes at freighter on 101° port track, estimated range 1900 yards, torpedo run 2100 yards, three degree divergent spread.

0242-30I Commenced swinging to bring stern tubes to bear since no explosions were heard and it was assumed the first salvo had missed.

0244-15I Series of six explosions commenced. There were two distinct sets of three explosions, each agreeing very closely with firing interval used.

0246I The leading naval auxiliary was seen to take a small port list and turn away. Sound reported all screws stopped. When periscope was shifted to the freighter all that could be seen was the bridge structure sinking very rapidly. All of the second target disappeared from sight in one and one-half minutes.

0247I Two distant depth charges either dropped by the naval auxiliary or by the escort which later came into sight.

0248I Sound reported heavy screws had started again. Periscope observation showed naval auxiliary steaming away on course 070°T heading for Ambon at a speed of 7 knots as determined by sound turn count assuming speed of 7-3/4 knots used in firing was correct.

0244I Sighted sub. chaser type escort angle on bow 90° port directing a red searchlight on the water in the direction where the freighter had sunk.

0256I Sound reported light fast screws coming down own port side.

0258I Two depth charges-not close. Went deep to get under layer at 260 feet to evade.

0345I Sound reported screws were disappearing astern - came to periscope depth.

0353I Surfaced. Nothing in sight. Decided chase would be futile since Ambon entrance was only 50 miles away and daybreak was only 1-1/2 hours away. Cleared area at high speed.






(Period from Sep. 7,1943, to October 24, 1943)



0430-0500I Heard very distant depth charges.

0532I Submerged -conducting periscope patrol. Heard more distant depth charges.

1922I Surfaced -proceeding to Northern approaches to Ambon.


18 September

--Conducting surface patrol and training dives during day proceeding to Northern entrance of Manipa Straits.

2150I (Ship Contact No.10) O.O.D. sighted blinker light close aboard challenging with “space” and some character. Position Lat.02-42S Long. 126-16E.

2151I Submerged to 150 feet to get below layer at 105 feet and commenced evading. Sound reported two sets of light screV1S stopping and starting as though searching. This indicates that a small boat patrol is maintained in the passage between Buru and Sula Islands. SJ radar is not very helpful.


19 September

0015I Sound reported screws fading out astern.

0051I All clear - surfaced.

0537I Submerged for patrol off North end of Manipa Straits.

1917I Surfaced and set course for assigned area.


20 September

Conducting surface patrol and training dives proceeding to Siace Passage.

1300I Sighted Tifore Island bearing 007°T.

1314I Submerged-conducting submerged patrol.

1915I Surfaced.


21 September

0542I Submerged, conducting submerged patrol through Eastern entrance to Siace Passage.

1930I Surfaced. Many lights visible on both sides of passage.

2015I Completed passing through Siace Passage.


22 September

Conducting surface patrol across shipping route between Balik Papan and Palau, Rabaul. Sighted numerous oil drums during day.

1202I Sighted object appearing to be mast on the horizon -submerged. The mast was later identified as a two-masted sailboat apparently fishing.

1842I Surfaced.


23 September

Conducted a surface patrol across Balik PapanPalau, Rabaul shipping routes.









(Period from Sep. 7,1943, to October 24, 1943)



24 September

0951I Submerged, conducting submerged patrol across shipping routes north of Stroomen Kaap, Celebes.

1400I Entered assigned area.

1855I Surfaced.


25 September

0600I Submerged, conducting submerged patrol off North vlatcher, Celebes. Sighted several sailboats during day.

2004I Surfaced, patrolling across Makassar Straits.


26 September

0605I Submerged, conducting submerged patrol between North and South Watcher, Celebes. Sighted several sailboats during day.


It is believed that sailboats act as spotters. They remain at shipping focal points during day with sails up, at night lie to with sails down making them extremely difficult to see on a dark night. So far, the Japs have effectively routed traffic around us.


1911H Surfaced, patrolling across Makassar Straits.


27 September

0500I Submerged, conducting submerged patrol off Koetei River delta, Borneo.

1910H Surfaced, patrolling across Makassar Straits.


28 September

0501H Submerged, conducting submerged patrol Southwest of Koetei River delta, Borneo. No fix for 48 hours. It is believed we patrolled entrance to Balik Papan. Rain and poor visibility all day.

1900H Surfaced. Position doubtful. Patrolling across Makassar Straits on soundings. Complete overcast.


29 September

0502H Submerged off 100 fathom curve. Conducted submerged patrol. Visibility poor.

1913H Surfaced. Patrolling on line from Balik Papan to Cape Mangkalihat. Japs are definitely holding shipping inside ten fathom curve. Decided our best chance of getting at them is off the Northern entrance to Makassar Straits.


30 September

0519H Submerged. Patrolling Makassar Straits.

1905H Surfaced. Conducting patrol off Mangkalihat.


1 October

0506H Submerged -patrolling off Mangkalihat Pt.

1900H Surfaced -patrolling along Balik Papan - Manila route.





(Period from Sep. 7,1943, to October 24, 1943)


2 October

0512H Submerged -intended to conduct surface patrol however shifted to submerged patrol due to heavy rain storm and very low visibility.

1451H Visibility increased -surfaced and conducted patrol along Manila -Balik Papan route.


3 October

Conducting surface patrol along Palau - Tarakan route. Made morning trim dive.


4 October

0516H Submerged off entrance to Tarakan.

0646H (Ship Contact No. 11) Sighted smoke bearing 214°. Turned toward and commenced closing at 6 knots. ~ Went to Battle Stations.

0655H Identified target as large (7000 tons or more). Passenger freighter on course OOO°T, speed 11 knots. Took normal approach course at high speed, going to 80 feet for high speed running sea glassy, visibility excellent. Target was not zigging and no escort was seen.

0725H When range had closed to 9000 yards, target changed course to 285°T and headed down Tarakan Channel. Secured from Battle Stations. This was a tough one to see get away after going so .long without getting so much as even a "nibble" at a worthwhile target. It is not believed that we were sighted unless it was by a plane that we did not see. Continued patrol off Tarakan.

1910H Surfaced, conducting patrol to seaward of Tarakan.


5 October

0510H Submerged -conducting submerged patrol along 5 fathom curve off Southern approaches to Tarakan No sights or fix, using current given in Coast Pilot and stream drift chart which seemed to agree with previous indications.

1912H Surfaced and set course to seaward with the intention of returning after battery charge has completed and patrol off Banda Reef light the next day.


6 October

0O48H Struck reef with the ship going ahead at 9 knots in position later determined to be Lat. 04-10.5N Long. 118-44E. It was a very dark night with an occasional rain. No sights or fix for 60 hours. Current used up to this point was that given in the Coast Pilot as verified by previous observations to seaward off Tarakan. Fathometer had been inoperative all day and was back in commission at 2200, October 5, 1943. At this time a sounding of 1350 fathoms was obtained which agreed exactly with the chart sounding at our…






(Period from Sep. 7,1943, to October 24, 1943)


estimated position at that time. The O.O.D. immediately backed emergency and ordered ballast tanks blown with high pressure air as we had been riding partially flooded down. Lead line soundings showed that the depth of water forward was between 14 and 15 feet which gradually tapered off to the Conning Tower at which point the depth was 20 feet. The draft of the ship forward as indicated by draft marks was 13 feet 6 inches. Everything indicated that the ship was being held on a pinnacle just forward of the Conning Tower. The following measures were taken to lighten ship and get clear of the reef:


Blew all ballast and variable tanks.

Blew #3 & #5 reserve fuel ballast tanks losing approximately 9000 gals. of fuel oil.

Blew 10,000 gals. of fuel overboard from #1 normal fuel tank.

Shifted fresh water aft.

Threw towing pendant overboard.

Made preparations for hauling anchor aft for use as a kedge.

Made preparations for disposing torpedoes forward. Fortunately this was not necessary.

Made plans for scuttling ship.


During the above preparations the ship was continually backed and twisted and sallied by flooding and blowing #6 & #7 main ballast tanks. Could twist through only six degrees.


0222H While backing emergency full power on four main engines, ship came clear of reef as though catapulted. A tremendous sigh of relief went through- ou the ship. Current undoubtedly was Northeasterly all the time which set us to the Northward and eventually causing us to go around. Immediately after getting clear Fathometer gave a sounding of 100 fathoms. Apparent damage at this time was port sound head wrecked and unable to hoist shaft clear for closing gate valve. Pit log redometer bent. This was later replaced with spare rod meter. Hull damage cannot be determined until docking. Cleared area at high speed and commenced putting ship back in diving trim.

0532H Ship back in diving trim and made trim dive, then conducted surface patrol to seaward until,

1252H Submerged.

1800H Surfaced, proceeding to a station off Stroomen Kaap for next day's submerged patrol.






(Period from Sep. 7,1943, to October 24, 1943)


7 October

0449H Submerged.

1831H Surfaced and commenced surface patrol off North entrance to Makassar Straits.


8 October

0648H Submerged off North Entrance to Makassar Strait.

1812H Surfaced.


9 October

0525H Submerged off entrance to Makassar Straits.

0838H Sound reported pinging bearing OOO°T turned to close.

0852H (Ship Contact No.12) Sighted masts of what was later determined to be Chidori Class torpedo boat. Commenced approach. Target course 2100T, speed 14 knots, not zig zagging. ~1inimum range attainable was 10,000 yards.

0941H Broke off approach and headed in direction from which the destroyer had appeared, hoping there was more to follow.

1040H (Ship Contact No.13) Sighted masts of ship. Commenced approach. Target identified as a very large merchantman on base course 220°T, speed 10 knots; target zigging normally between limits of 191°T and 238°T - no escort in sight. (Later identified as Kinryu Maru shown in ONI 208-J, page 44.)

1110H Fired four torpedoes from bow tubes at the freighter 105 port track~ torpedo run 1750 yards, gyro angle 352. First two hit just aft of bridge and just inside of stern. Ship I was turning away. Ship stopped screws and took list of at least 50°, the entire stern was enveloped in smoke. Believed ship would sink rapidly, nevertheless commenced swinging to bring stern tubes to bear in case follow up shots were necessary. Third and fourth torpedo missed astern and ahead respectively. Pictures were taken which may help identification.

1115H Noted angle was coming off ship and stern was scuttling. Target now presenting her starboard side, screws still stopped. Lined up for stern shots.

1119H Fired two torpedoes from stern tubes, 70 starboard track, 175° gyro angle, torpedo run 2300 yards, target speed zero, used a 10 spread to cover current. First torpedo exploded prematurely after 16 seconds; second torpedo was running directly for the target when obscured by the premature but never exploded, apparently a “dud”. At this time noted that Chidori Type destroyer previously sighted was closing the






(Period from Sep. 7,1943, to October 24, 1943)


scene fast. Ship commenced firing small caliber guns in our direction. Ship still seemed to be swinging very slowly. Commenced maneuvering for another stern shot and favorable track.

1125H Three distant depth charges.

1128H Heard pinging and fast screws getting closer. Commenced clearing scene, still hoping for another shot.

1145H Six depth charge very close to the stern which rocked the boat like a sailboat in a typhoon, let water in hatches and Conning Tower door, backed sea valves off seats, blew out plug in casting for sea valve to Maneuvering Room water closet (sea pressure gauge line formerly connected here) allowing considerable water to enter. After Torpedo Room. Apparently sprung rudder and stern planes as evidenced by increased noise and overloading of motors. Starboard sound head thrown out of alignment. Blew gaskets out of engine air induction and ship's ventilation supply outboard valves. Miscellaneous glass and cork flew around. Went deep.

1155H One depth charge.

1210H Four depth charges directly overhead and staggered in depth. We apparently are leaving an oil slick or air bubble wake or both because attacking ship never loses us for a second and stays directly astern, gradually eases up and then attacks from directly overhead. Current is throwing the ship around considerably making evasive maneuvering very difficult.

1344H Heard a distant dull explosion in the direction in which the freighter was last seen. Sound has never heard freighter screws start.

1345H Five depth charges again very close and directly overhead.

1525H Two depth charges very close and overhead. It is impossible to shake this fellow. The manner in which he keeps on us is uncanny.

1625H Six depth charges the first two of which were extremely close.

1745H Two depth charges overhead apparently set a little more shallow or were lighter.

1820H Second A.S. vessel has joined the attack.

1852H Five depth charges again close and overhead. Commenced revitalizing air. The original vessel is still never losing us, however, the second vessel seems to be interfering with him somewhat. That fellow up there can hold his own with any sound operator anywhere.

2100H Depth control is very difficult. The boat is running with a twelve degree angle. Main






(Period from Sep. 7,1943, to October 24, 1943)


induction is apparently flooded. Trim pump is worthless. It is necessary to blow safety to maintain depth. If only the people in the Bureau who say an adequate quiet trim pump will come in due time were here now, I'm sure they would stop at nothing to correct this serious military defect immediately.

2240H Six more depth charges, extremely close as usual. This hull is certainly taking it. A most deep felt “well done” to the welders of the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company and the Supervising Officer and officials. Electric motors in the bilges are flooding out. Design must be changed to relocate auxiliary motors from the bilges. The battle sound operators are doing an outstandingly good job keeping two attacking vessels in contact with one sound head that has to be trained with difficulty by hand. JP sound equipment would certainly be a help to them. HETRIC William Herman, 250 49 66, MoMMlc, USN, is doing a seemingly tireless job keeping bucket brigade going and cheering the entire crew.


10 October

Submerged, still undergoing depth charge attack Running as silently as possible at deep sub- mergence and maneuvering to avoid but not having any luck, attacking vessels keeping constant contact. Spread CO2 absorbent and bled oxygen into the boat. Trim exceedingly difficult to control.

0115H Six more depth charges overhead and dangerously close. These were the last charges dropped but attacking vessels remained in contact and made runs untill--

1225H Sound reported pinging had stopped. Lost sound contact with attacking vessels. Could not come to periscope depth for a look since safety and negative tanks had been blown dry and had pressure in them, auxiliary tanks and after trim tanks had been blown and had pressure in them, and a dangerous amount of free surface water was in all bilges and all of the After Torpedo Room. Pressure in the boat was already at 12 inches and precluded venting pressure in tanks into the boat. It was decided to hang on at all costs until darkness at which time we would have to come up to surface directly - regardless. Breathing was most difficult and headaches severe in spite of all that could be done to re-vitalize the air. Due to tension,






(Period from Sep. 7,1943, to October 24, 1943)



bad air, heat, humidity, hard work on bucket brigades, etc. The crew were practically out on their feet but carrying on like veterans.

1910H Surfaced from deep submergence in bright moonlight. Luck was with us - nothing in sight. Commenced hauling out into the middle of the Celebes Sea to get the boat back in shape and charge batteries. We are committed to the surface now for at least six hours, come what may. Placed all deck guns in readiness for action, if necessary. (See paragraph (K) for compilation of major defects and damage.)

1925H (Ship Contact #14) Sighted a small patrol boat or destroyer ahead. Commenced a reverse end around to evade; working toward land to place ourselves against a land background.

2000H Succeeded in evading and lost sight of vessel.


This should be another example to our forces that an enemy submarine contact deserted is an enemy submarine saved. We would have been a sure "kill" had the attacking vessels remained with us just six hours longer.


11 October

0430H Ship again in condition to dive.

0450H Made trim dive - no really serious leaks. Stayed submerged to rest crew and steady down. Decided boat could not undergo another attack.

1814H Surfaced.


12 October

Informed CTF 71 we were returning.

0448H Submerged to continue repairs.

1804H Surfaced.


13 October

0412H Submerged for transit of Siaoe Pass.

1826H Surfaced, proceeding down Molukka Passage.


14 October

Enroute through Molukka Passage on the surface.

1507H Submerged.

1812H Surfaced. Proceeding around Boeroe Island.


15 October

Enroute across Ceram Sea on the surface.

1118H (Plane Contact No.6) Submerged. 1218H Surfaced.


16 October

0407H Submerged passing through Barrier east of Sermata


1837H Surfaced, proceeding to Darwin, Australia.






(Period from Sep. 7,1943, to October 24, 1943)


17 October

Enroute to Darwin, Australia on surface.

1543H Moored to Fuel Dock, Darwin, Australia. Received 35,751 gallons fuel oil and 6000 gallons fresh water.


18 October

0653H Underway proceeding on surface to Freemantle, Australia.

1421H (Plane Contact No.7) Sighted LIBERATOR bomber, on opposite course, on horizon.


19-23 October

Proceeding on surface from Darwin, Australia, to Freemantle, Australia, conducting training dives enroute.


24 October

Arrived Freemantle, West Australia.







No.   TIME  LAT.                   INITIAL     EST.CRSE.&  HOW  REMARKS

      DATE  LONG.      TYPES       RANGE       SPEED       CONT.


1     0435I   08-57S     2 Subs      3,700 Yds   145°        R     South of Barrier. Could

      8 Sept  127-55E                            15 Kts      SN    not be identified as

                                                                  friendly or enemy.

2     1415I   04-08S     Patrol      7,000 Yds   160°T-060°T  P     Small (500 ton) ship, 2

      10 Sept 127-39E    Boat                    3 Kts             masted, single stack,

                                                                  high bow, large stern

                                    counter & deck house

                                    aft. Jap flag painted

                                    on side.  Closed to

                                                                  2000 yds, then opened

                                                                  out. Vessel appeared to

                                                                  be patrolling at slow

                                                                  speed, then stopping to


3     0616I   03-49S     Inter-      6,500 Yds   275°T       P     Small (500 ton) ship,

      13 Sept 128-28E    island                  10Kts             high bow, deep well

                        steamer                                   deck, high stern, stack

                                                                  aft. & small stick mast

                                                                  aft. Ship on direct

                                                                  line from Ambon to

                                                                  Sorong Islands.

4     2119I   04-08S     Inter-      14,000 Yds  275°T       SN    Similar to but larger

      14 Sept 130-18E   island                  9 Kts             than Contact No. 3,

                        steamer                                   towing what appeared to

                                                                  be small tug or possib-

                                                                  ly M.T.B. or cabin

                                                                  cruiser.  Maintained

                                                                  contact and took

                                                                  position ahead.  Target

                                                                  identified at 3000 yds

                                                                  through periscope and

                                                                  attack abandoned.





No.   TIME    LAT.                  INITIAL     EST.CRSE.&  HOW  REMARKS

      DATE    LONG.      TYPES       RANGE       SPEED       CONT.

5     1445I   03-50S     Camouflaged 4,500 Yds   195°T       P     Tug about the size of

      16 Sept 127-58E   Tug                     9 Kts             minesweep, with single

                                                                  high stack, bow and

                                                                  stern built up of slats

                                                                  etc. to give impression

                                                                  of large size when

                                                                  viewed from forward or



6     0050I   04-12.5S   Small       7,000 Yds   240°T       SN    First thought to be

      17 Sept 127-11E    escort                  15 Kts            submarine, later proved

                        vessel                                    to be escort vessel

                                                                  with lines similar to

                                                                  our old sub. chaser.


7     0227I   04-14.5S   Transport   5,000 Yds   024°T       PN    Could not be identified

      17 Sept 127-09E   (lines                  7.75 Kts          in ONI 208J. Probably

                        similar to                                Naval Aux. Transport.

                        CHAUMONT)                                 (Bright moonlight.)


8     0227I   Same as    Freighter   5,000 Yds   035°T       PN    In company astern of

      17 Sept #7        similar to              7.75 Kts          Contact #7.

                        HEIAN MARU

                        P.215,ONI 208J


9     0258I   04-15S     Escort      4,000 Yds   270°T       PN    After firing sighted

      17 Sept 127-10E                           5 Kts             escort (same as #6)

                                                                  dead ahead.


10    2150I   02-42S     Unident-    1,000 Yds   Unknown     S     Probably a small boat.

      18 Sept 126-16E    ified                                     Never seen.  Challenge

                                                                  only was seen.


11    0646H   03-09N     Large AP    18,000 Yds  000°T to    P     Initial course 000°T,

      4 Oct   118-40E    about                   285°T             range to 9,000 yds,

                        7000 tons               10 KTs            target turned in to

                                                                  enter Taraken.


12    0838H   01-08N     CHIDORI     30,000 Yds  210°T       P     First heard pinging on

      9 Oct   119-31E    Class                   14 Kts            long scale then sighted

                        Torpedo                                   smoke. Range could not

                        Boat                                      be closed to less than

                                                                  10,000 yds. Thereafter

                                                                  attack on #13, returned

                                                                  and conducted depth

                                                                  Charge attack.


13    1040H   01-08N     Large AK    16,000 Yds  233°T       P     Freighter zig zagging

      9 Oct   119-31E    similar to              12 Kts            with no escort in

                        KINRYU MARU                               sight.

                        (P.44,ONI 208J)


14    1925H   01-13N     Small       18,000 Yds  225°T       SN    Apparently proceeding

      10 Oct  119-40E    patrol                  8 Kts             to Makassar Straits





No.   TIME  LAT.                   INITIAL     EST.CRSE.&  HOW  REMARKS

      DATE  LONG.      TYPES       RANGE       SPEED       CONT.


1     1030I   03-43S     DAVE        4 Miles     North       P     None

      11 Sept 127-32E                           120 Kts          


2     0940I   03-50S     Fokker      5 Miles     Westerly    P     Taking off from Ambon

      12 Sept 127-59E   Transport                                 Island. Gaining

                                                                  altitude back of Tg.



3     1014I   03-50S     3 Nells     5 Miles     Easterly    P     Formation breaking up

      12 Sept 127-59E                                             for landing on Ambon

                                                                  back Tg. Alang.


4     2330I   04-03S     Unknown     6 Miles     Unknown     R(SN) Look and O.O.D. saw

      13 Sept 128-5eE                                             flashing white light

                                                                  and then later flash-

                                                                  ing red light, which

                                                                  appeared to be recog-

                                                                  nition signals coming

                                                                  from square aperature.

                                                                  SD radar picked up

                                                                  Plane on sweep a few

                                                                  Seconds later at 6

                                                                  Miles range closing.

                                                                  Bright moonlight.


5     1605I   03-50S     Nell        3 Miles     Northly           Over Ambon Tg.Alang.

      16 Sept 127-56E  


6     1118H   04-37S     Unknown     11 Miles    Unknown           SD picked up target at

      15 Oct  125-32E                                              11 miles closing. Sub-

                                                                  merged, plane never



7     1421H   12-06S     Liberator   11 Miles    Easterly          SD

      18 Oct  128-59E