SS268 The first USS Puffer

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photo courtesy of Craig McDonald


The first USS Puffer, SS268, was a World War II fleet type submarine commissioned 27 April 1943. A distinguished fighting record from eight war patrols earned her nine battle stars. She is credited with sinking eight ships totaling over 36,000 tons. Puffer received the Navy Unit Commendation for her World War II service.

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Navy Day 1945 photo courtesy of Craig McDonald


After the war, SS268 served as a Naval Reserve training submarine in Seattle, Washington until 1 July 1960.

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The Fish Puffer

Most of the time the Puffer looks like an ordinary fish that has a large head and protruding teeth. When disturbed, it inflates its stomach with air to twice its size. The Puffer then floats belly upward on the surface until the danger has passed.

Puffer Heading out of Pearl Harbor